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​​​Who Can Still File A Claim For Aortic or Mitral Heart Valve Injuries:

Claims can still be filed for those who are included in either of the two groups below.  

1)    Supplemental Claims for worsened injuries may be filed by those who

  • Previously received Matrix Compensation from the AHP Settlement Trust; and
  •  Did not participate in the Seventh Amendment Supplemental Fund; and
  •  Have been diagnosed with a medical condition that qualifies for a Matrix Compensation level and dollar value above any previous awards received; and
  • The qualifying Matrix Compensation medical condition was diagnosed before the patient's 80th birthday and within four years of the date the claim will be filed.

2)    Original Claims may be filed by those who:

  • Have not yet received Matrix Compensation; and
  • Filed an opt-out form by November 9, 2004 removing themselves from participation in the Seventh Amendment Supplemental Fund; and
  • Did not file an opt-out form removing themselves from the AHP Settlement Trust; and
  • Did not settle a claim for Pondimin or Redux injuries outside of the AHP Trust; and     
  • Can prove that a Matrix Compensation medical condition existed before December 31, 2015; and   
  • Have been diagnosed with a qualifying Matrix Compensation medical condition before the patient's 80th                 birthday and within four years of the date the claim will be filed.

Baseline Requirements:

  • Registered with the AHP Settlement Trust on or before May 3, 2003.
  • Proof of use of Pondimin or Redux.  Normally this was provided at the time of registration.
  • Baseline Heart Valve Injury: Qualifying echocardiogram - performed after first use of Pondimin or Redux and before the end of the screening period - which shows mild or greater mitral or aortic heart valve regurgitation.       The screening period ended on July 3, 2003, for echocardiograms provided by the AHP Settlement Trust, and on      January 3, 2003, for all others.  

Matrix Compensation Level Injuries which Qualify for Compensation:

​See the main Fen Phen page for information on what medical conditions qualify for compensation. 

Main Fen Phen Page.

Who participated in the 7th Amendment Supplemental Fund? 

Those Pondimin and Redux users who met the definition of a Category 1 or 2 Claimant - as defined in the Seventh Amendment to the AHP Settlement Agreement -  were automatically included as participants in the Seventh Amendment Supplemental Fund unless the claimant filed an opt-out form by November 9, 2004.

The definition of Category 1 includes those who had an unresolved Green Form on file on November 9, 2004, which supported a Level I or II injury.

The definition of Category 2 includes those who:

  1. Were diagnosed with mild or greater aortic or mitral heart valve regurgitation after first use of Pondimin or Redux and prior to the end of the Screening Period; and
  2. Had not filed a Green Form by November 9, 2004 supporting a claim for Matrix Levels III, IV or V; and
  3. Had not received Matrix Compensation before November 9, 2004; and
  4. Are not members of Category 1.

Participants in the 7th Amendment Supplemental Fund may no longer file claims.  

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